Thursday, March 29, 2007

Male trouble and breaking hearts

I had to let go of two fuck buddies this week. The one, furry poz guy was getting possessive and kind of needy. We started getting together occasionally on Sunday mornings. I should have seen the red flags when he started expecting me to come over every Sunday. I introduced him to Scooby and we had several three-ways with him. I tried to create a friendship with him but everytime I invited him over he expected sex and started to get down right bitchy when he didn't get what he wanted. I tried to explain that my sex drive has been hit and miss since my fathers death, but this guy either didn't understand or didn't care. So buh bye.

The other guy I would get together with on Friday evenings. He quickly developed strong feelings for me and what did I do..... I invited him over to the house and Scooby and I had a three way with him also for the last two weekends. He emailed me yesterday confessing his feelings, telling me he hasn't been to work all this week and that he's been crying alot. I told him that it was probably best that we didn't play anymore but I hoped we could still be friends. He just told me tonight that the only way he can pick himself up is to quit the gay lifestyle....

I feel bad for the second guy and will do what I can to help him. This is why I prefer to have sex with strangers. Since all this, I'm not even sure I want to know the other persons name. No strings, blow and go is where its at for me this year.

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thomas said...

ah, complications. still, i think the blow and go method has many merits. not for me personally, as i kind of like the drama people bring into my life, but i can totally see the benefits of a stranger and no attachment.

of course, i don't really need a sex life when i can live vicariously through yours ;-)