Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Warm fuzzies to Jonny

God it was about 10 yrs ago that I met Jonny. He was sitting at the bar of the "Berg" with his friend Jaime, drinking his Southern Comfort and coke and smoken a Virginia Slim. He was a sassy little queen, the kind that makes me a bit uneasy and a little intimidated of. He was a southern belle that called everyone "Missy". I never new of him working, but I think he did cut hair at one time. He grew up in the south to a wealthy family with servants. Jonny would probably be considered "a lady of leisure".

He told me one time that as Luthor was getting ready to go to work he told Jonny, "The house is going to be cleaned today" and Jonny responded back, "Oh great I can't wait to meet them". And then Luthor pointed into the mirror at Jonny and said ,"you already have". Jonny then said, "Oh NO, Missy, I'm NOT cleaning this house".

I started cleaning for them soon after we met. Luthor organized vacation trips on the side so we agreed that I'd clean their house in exchange for a trip down to New Orleans for Southern Decadence . One Southern Decadence we ran into Jonny at a bar on Rampart. He was drunk and probably outta money cuz the first words outta his mouth was, "Hi sweetie, BUY ME A DRINK!". After I bought him a couple of drinks, Scooby and I decided to high tail it outta there since we were on a tight budget and couldn't afford to keep Jonny going on Southern and coke all evening. Before we left Jonny had turned to the man next to him and said, "Buy me a drink! and give me 5 dollars!" and sure enough the man did.

Once when Luthor made Jonny mow the grass, he purposely hit the cement curb and broke the lawn mower so he wouldn't have to mow again. Luthor eventually hired a lawn service. The first lawn service guy they had always mowed the day I cleaned. He either wore boxers or no underware at all cuz his large cock would flop back and forth from one thigh to the other as he walked behind his mower. All the while Jonny and I would run from window to window not wanting to miss a flop.

I'd clean house while Jonny would sit in the living room and smoke his Virginia Slims and watch television. I think I mention before that we found out we were HIV+ around the same time. Jonny could never take the side effects of the medications. He tried them all but nothing worked for him.

One time when we were at a summer outdoor house party someone asked Jonny if he wanted to play volley ball. Jonny responded, "Oh no, Missy, I don't do sports". Then Scooby and I suggested that he could play with a purse with a brick in it, and hit the ball with that. He loved that suggestion.

He would always say, "Warm Fuzzies" when he wanted you to know that he loved ya.

and "Squirt, Squirt, Squirt" when he was talking about sex.

When someone would either invade his space or get in his face he'd yell, "GET OFF MY DRESS, MARY!"

When we first met I was intimidated by Jonny and I didn't think we would be friends. But the few hours we spent every week together chatting while I cleaned their house changed all that.

And I found a friend where I wasn't looking.

Scooby paged me tonight at work to let me know that Jonny died this afternoon. I was suppose to clean house tomorrow, but I just don't think I can do it through my tears. God I wish I could quit crying...

I'm going to be on vacation next week and don't know if I'll be blogging or not. Hope everyone has a nice Independence Day.


Homer said...

Oh Mouse, I'm sorry you lost your friend. I bet he was glad to have you in his life. XOXO. Homer

Will said...

A big hug, Mouse. A way into the story I had a feeling where it was leading. You and he were lucky to have each other and I'm sorry for you that he's gone.

Thom said...

I'm so sorry to hear this, Mike. Hugs.