Tuesday, June 06, 2006

And the answer is

C. A Lean Cuisene pizza

Congrats Drub for the right answer. I'm offering myself for the prize, you can do with me what you will.

This pizza has been sitting out behind my building at work for at least a couple of months, rain or shine it doesn't get any worse for wear. As the story goes the department head stuck it in the microwave for 9 minutes instead of the recommended 3-4 minutes and voila....charcoal. I do not recommend this as it did ruin the microwave. The crap that shot out of the back of the microwave permanently soiled the wall with a yellow substance that I can not scrub off with any type of cleaner. So there you have it the story behind the black blob of crap.

Return of the Cop

I was on the computer Monday on Gay.com which is normally a big yawn. But I got IM'ed from someone without a pic, of course. I'm thinking its probably a bot, but when I'm bored I occasionally humor myself and answer back.

Unknown person: Hey how have you been?
Me: good
Unknown: Was thinking of stopping by today.
Me: Do I know you?
Unknown: I'm the cop
Me: Oh hey, well come on over

So a little while later he shows up and we head right for the bedroom and get to business. He goes right into the talk.

Cop: You want this cock don't you.
Me: yes
C: Suck it!
Me: mfmhph
C: Lick my balls! yeah thats good.
C: Jack your cock! Show it to me! yeah
C: You want to cum don't you!
Me: yeafph
C: You'll cum when I tell you!

Then something new happens... He leans down and starts to suck my cock. Thinking of the traffic tickets I've gotten in the past, I grab his head and with reckless abandon take all my past agressions out on his mouth. I get close and pull out. He orders me to cum on him and I do. Then I'm back to sucking his cock again. He orders me to stop and holds my head down on his cock and he blows stream after stream, filling my mouth with his hot spunk. My head pressed against his stomach my forehead gets smeared with my own spent seed. I lick him clean and we get dressed and he leaves.

And that was my Monday, how was yours?


AJ said...

My Monday? Nothing at ALL like that! Fuck, I'd love to have a cop for a fuck-buddy!

Homer said...

I request an attorney....