Monday, June 26, 2006

Dam I missed it again.

Yesterday was my 2 yr. blogiversary. I missed it last year also, oops. I haven't had anything exciting to blog about for awhile and I feel I'm probably boring you all to tears, but hey this is small town life what can ya do. I'm sure as hell not gonna make shit up, I'm truthful to a fault...unfortunately sometimes. Thanks for being apart of my life, your comments mean alot. Actually I'm celebrating several anniversaries this week.

2 yrs. blogging
9 yrs with Scooby
10 yrs being POZ

woo fuckin hoo

I've gotten rid of the word verification since the dam thing won't load the fucking word for the verification. WTF! Don't they now I'm a comment whore....


thomas said...

happy anniversary!!! two years is a very logn time in Blogger Years.

Drub said...

Happy Anniversary!
Keep the good stuff comin'

Bigg said...

I think you've got a very interesting blog, and I've enjoyed every minute of reading it. Happy Blogiversary, and keep it up!

The Dreamer said...

Happy blogaversary. Mine's jsut over a year old but my old website is going on 12 years old, 17 years sober on July 4 and, 21 year poz on July 11

Yours is one of the dozen or so blogs I try to visit at least once a week

Homer said...

I think you are a super man. XOXOXOXOX