Monday, June 12, 2006

Weekend recap

I've been trying to cut out/down on the caffeine. Haven't had coffee since Thursday and I'm dragging ass. But I haven't had to take xanax to get to sleep either which is a good thing. The Xanax use goes in spurts, I go for a week or two being able to get to sleep without it. Then a week on because I can't get to sleep. ARRGG!

Yesterday I actually took a nap for an hour and felt some what refreshed. This was an odd feeling cuz first of all I normally can't sleep during the day let alone feel refreshed if I do.

I also was going to try and quit drinking this weekend. I don't drink alot mind you, normally a couple of 40 oz. beers sometimes three. Friday I didn't have anything. Saturday I had to run to the store for hamburger buns and couldn't resist and picked up a couple 40's. Drank half of one on Saturday along with a couple of peachtini's and half a bottle of Hungarian red wine (my fav). Then Sunday I finished the rest of the first 40, which I think induced my nap that afternoon along with the fumes from the bathtub reglazing we had done that morning/afternoon. It looks beautiful btw. That night we went to a friends to watch Brokeback Mountain (I know, finally), and there I had a couple of shots of 1800 Tequila with a 12 oz. beer chaser. I caught bits and pieces of the movie since everyone kept talking through it.

We got all kinds of events going on this Summer. The Tall ships are returning the end of July and either the weekend before or after is the Bike bash. Can't wait to see all the studds on their motorcycles. WOOF!

Here is a pic of our bathtub with its new shiny finish. Pretty pretty.

This is the really cool flooring that we found under the tub when we first moved it a few months ago.

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