Monday, June 12, 2006

Lost in translation

Does anyone that reads this blog understand Chilian/Spanish? I've been getting messages from this guy in Chile from my Hi5 page, but can't understand most of what he's saying. I have a hard enough time with English let alone another language. Does Chile have their own language or do they speak Spanish? HELP!

Here are the messages I've recieved:

hermosos ojos, como para perderse en ellos, felicidades, ALONSO

Ok I know that "ojos" is Spanish for eyes so I would guess that he's commenting me on my eyes. I also get that his name is Alonso. I emailed him back saying that I don't speak Spanish and this is what I got next.

yo tampoco hablo mucho ingles, pero creo que eso no es importante, ALONSO

something something "much English", something something "not important",

I'm totally lost...


Homer said...

Hey sexy, I put the sentences through an online translator (you can find them in Google) and got: beautiful eyes, like losing itself in them, congratulations, ALONSO I do not speak either much English, but I believe that that is not important, ALONSO

Will said...

I've found unexpectedly that I'm linked from a fairly large number of South American blogs in Spanish and Portugese, a couple of them listing me as their only English language blog. I'm flattered but wonder how it happened.

Chris said...

My friend:

Michael said...

Thanks for the help guys.