Monday, June 19, 2006

weekend recap

Spent this weekend working on siding. Finished up the soffit's on the highest part of the back of the house. Yea! Glad that shit is done. In order to do this I had to harness myself and then tie a rope to a nearby tree and then scale down the side of the lower roof. With out the harness I would of just slid off the lower roof. Fun Fun.

Also worked in the yard a bit pulling weeds. Made a bench along the side of the fence for our upcoming 3rd of July party so people can peer over the fence and people watch. Also pulled out the extension ladder and trimmed up the tree branches that were getting near the power lines. We took a break in the old metal glider in the back corner of the yard. Scooby layed his head on my leg and that got me aroused. So I unbuttoned my shorts and he sucked my cock. I love outdoor sex. The feel of the breaze on my face and body and Scooby's warm mouth gliding up and down on my hard cock was too awesome. I fed him good with a big load.

Saturday evening we went to a friends place for a cookout. They made margaritas that were potent as hell. I had two and then had to switch to beer, so I could bring the buzz down a bit. Then Sunday we headed to Midland to my dad's place and we took him out for lunch for fathers day. Then I worked on his yard a bit speading mulch around his trees ect.. After that we headed to K-Mart to buy shorts that were on sale. Scooby only had one pair that he could wear to work since the rest were all cut offs. So I bought him 3 pairs and myself a pair. I've lost about 10 lbs. since last year and most of mine don't fit anymore.

Then we headed to Mt. Pleasant to hang out with a friend of ours who lives on his grandparents farm. The place is too cool with out buildings which are filled with a treasure trove of old stuff. Scooby found a green Fire King mixing bowl that was in mint condition. Our friend really doesn't know much about antiques so we point out stuff to him that is worth money. We stayed for dinner and then headed home around 10pm. He gave me some trumpet vines that I planted this morning, hopefully they will survive.

And thats about it. Needless to say this weekend was very busy.

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