Friday, June 09, 2006

Summer plans and Scooby goes to the Dr.

Well we've decided that we're going to go to leather weekend at Camp It in July. Its been a year or two since we've been camping. Thought we'd go and check out all the changes to the campground. You have to give them credit, they've been doing alot to update the place with a pool and new shower rooms and all. I still miss the dirty little place it use to be though and picking the drunk drag queens out of the mud puddles.

We're also planning our annual 4th of July Party. Except this year the big fireworks night is going to be on Monday the 3rd, so I guess you can call it a 3rd of July Party. This year we're planning on having a keg also along with the 15 gallons of cocktails in the drink machine. OIY

And last but not least, We've decided to go for Southern Decadence down in NOLA on Labour Day weekend. I got an excellent deal with Airtran and we're supposed to stay with the Crisco Kid while we're down there. It's been years since we flew. It'll be nice to be there the same day though instead of the two day car ride. Plus no harrassing Mississippi police.

After a couple of years of me bitching, complaining and hand holding, Scooby has finally went back to the Doctor. His t-cells were about 200 and viral load was 45,000. Now he's back on meds and back to being sick and throwing up. I really don't know how to feel about this.

UPDATE: Scooby only threw up the first day and thinks the side effects aren't too bad compared to past drug therapies.

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AJ said...

Leather weekend at a campground sounds great!
Sounds like your Scooby got to the Doc at a good time and realizes now how important that may be.