Sunday, June 25, 2006

River Roar weekend and St. Stan's

This weekend is River Roar weekend. The buzz of the boats racing on the river started about 9am this morning. The event started Friday and runs through today. The banks of the river were packed with people yesterday as we drove across the bridge. We're not much into the river races, but this weekend is also St. Stan's festival which we will probably go to. We need to get our canival food fix, like polish sausages smothered in peppers and onions on a bun, elephant ears and funnel cakes. YUM!

With all the festivities and living so close to the river there are planes fly over our house every 5-10 minutes with advertising banners which is kind of cool. They must be having helicopter rides also since one keeps landing in the park behind the house, which is getting kind of annoying. After several take offs and landings we begin to flip the helicopter the bird, today I might just mood the noisey bastards.

The plane flying over the house.

Close up of the banner: Deja Vu Showgirls courtesy of our local stripper bar in Saginaw. Nice...I guess thats family values for ya. lol

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