Monday, May 15, 2006

Celebrity phone call

Last Thursday conversation with the bf after I got home from work.

Scooby: Oh Dear Abby called today!
Me: No way, it was probably one of her people.
Scooby: Well she said SHE WAS Dear Abby.
Me: No Way! I only emailed her a couple of weeks ago about my falling out with my nieces. Did she say she was going to call back.
Scooby: No, she didn't say, but I told her that you work at 4pm.
Me: Dam, But I go to work at 3 on Fridays.
Scooby: Sorry I wasn't thinking, I was just blown away that she called.
Me: Dam

So I didn't get online Friday in hopes she would call and nothing. Did the same today and still nothing. She will probably call tomorrow when I'm gone all day. Dam, dam, dam. Honestly I didn't expect to hear from her. The online site said not to expect a response since they are bombared with letters daily and that she can't answer all the mail.

But then again the falling out with my religous neices because I'm gay is a current and happening issue I suppose. Here's a run down of the letter that I sent.

Dear Abby,

Earlier this year I came out to my two very religous adult nieces. I never hid the fact that I was gay, it just wasn't discussed. They told me that they would never except me as a homosexual, quoting several bibles passages condemning me to Hell for my actions and gave me several organizations that would correct my problem.

I have been with my partner for 9 yrs. and they know this. I was very upset that they would suggest that I leave my partner to be straight. I emailed them back an overly dramatic letter stating all their flaws and sins including that another of my siblings suggested that I have a Will drawn up to protect my partner.

Now their angry with my sibling for suggesting that I have a Will drawn up. I've tried to patch things up, but all I get is "I'm the evil person and their the victims". Now we are no longer speaking. I've been HIV for the last 10 yrs. and my health isn't the greatest, and this isn't helping matters.

I have support from friends and other family members. Is it ok to cut the ones that condemn me out of my life or should I continue to try to reach out to them.

Signed, Distraught in MI

If this happens to get printed, would someone let me know and send me the printing. I don't get the newspaper daily and could possibly miss it. I probably missed my chance when I missed the phone call, I haven't a clue.


AJ said...

Hey Michael, I am so sorry you are still having to deal with this "non-issue". Hopefully your nieces will come around soon and realize that the god they are worshipping is not all-loving. Hang in there buddy!

BriteYellowGun said...

It's Tuesday now...have you heard anything?

Michael said...

Still no word. :(

And it really is a non issue. It will be a cold day in Hell before they come around. I've already given up and refuse to talk to them either. I was just hoping that Abby would validify(is that a word?) me and maybe the girls would see what assholes they are.