Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Kitty rim jobs, and lunch with father grinch

Is it ok to let your children rim each other? We have not had sex infront of our kitties yet and still they're learning to rim each other. It was too cute to watch them lick and clean each others faces, but I had no idea that they would exchange rim jobs also. Clyde even gave Puddy our 7 yr. old cat a rim job yesterday and suprisingly enough Puddy layed there and let him. Only when Clyde started to clean Puddy's junk is when he got upset and hissed at him. But hey, at least our cats will have nice sparkly clean butt holes.

God I had lunch with my father today. He's taken on the job of watching my 8 or 9yr old great neice during the summer to help my nephew and his wife save some money instead of paying for daycare. My father is in his mid to late 80's and is your typical grumpy old man. We went out for lunch and my gr8 neice orders fried cheese sticks. Like most kids and adults she would bite into the cheese stick and then stretch the cheese out about 4-5 inches. My father would then tell her to stop playing with her food. He also complained that she dropped her knife on the floor. ect..

Once we got back home she turned on the tv. She accidentally pushed the buttons on the remote and changed the channel and then it took her a couple of trys to find the station she was watching. Well this was just too much for my father and he made her turn off the tv. There is nothing to do for a kid at my dads house, plus it hit the triple digits today so it was too hot to play outside, and she was already bored with coloring. I felt sorry for her and it just reminded me of when I was a kid. Kids were supposed to be seen and not heard and god forbid if they have any fun. My neice ended up laying on the floor and picking at the floor vent. I really wanted to say something but I didn't want to get in a fight with my dad, so I just left. It was almost time for me to head to work anyway.

In other news the Bike Bash this last weekend wasn't as good as last year. It might have been the scorching temps or the periodic rain storms inbetween. I remember more motorcycles driving past the house last year. Considering the rain storms and the heat we decided to stay in. Scooby is still having problems with his meds. After taking them he gets very light headed and dizzy to the point that even a drive in the car will make him sick. We are both tired as hell for no apparent reason. I slept a good portion of the weekend which kind of worried Scoob. But its a full time job keeping up after four boys. (3 cats and the bf) Needless to say we haven't been getting much done on the house lately and really need to finish the siding on the back so I can get estimates on house insurance. Apparently I'm paying way too much. Hopefully we'll find some energy to finish up within the next four weeks. fingers crossed...

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