Monday, November 15, 2004

Designated hole day

Well since we had our encounter with T last month, we've been sorta courting him. For several years we've considered adding another guy to our family unit and he seems to be an excellent match. I charted his horoscope and it looks like we should get along great. We've been trying to hook up again but he lives about 2 hrs away and our schedules haven't allowed another playdate yet. We've asked him to go to New Orleans with us this year and I really hope he can make it, cuz it would be a good test to see if the three of us are compatible.

Considering that Scooby only works 4-8 hrs a week I have to admit that I'm slightly afraid that I'd end up being the only bread winner of the family. Reading T's horoscope though did help put that feeling aside, cuz it noted that he's a hard worker and that's the impression that I've gotten from him also. I did tell Scooby that if we do end up getting together that I'd be ok with it all as long as I got fucked by both of them at the same time at least once a week and the same goes for the two of them also. I don't think that's to much to ask, I even came up with a name "designated hole day". Just the thought of it gets me hard. We've already started dreaming up stuff like starting an adult website and making extra money by webcamming our threeways.

Funny thing is, I know that I've been ranting of late about needing a good banging, but in all honesty my guts (stomach/digestive track) have been giving me problems lately and my mood for bottoming has been hit and miss. One day I feel ok the next I feel like shit, one hour I feel ok the next I feel like shit. Weird thing is, it all started the day after the election. I'm figuring its either nervous stress or maybe all the queso cheese dip that I've been eating that was left over from our Halloween party or a combination of both. To make matters worse I think the turkey sandwich that I had tonight wasn't good. I need to get home and drink some red wine, it's suppose to help that kind of thing.

Anywho this concludes our episode of "As the stomach turns"...


Will said...

Man, you're pushing all my voyeur buttons here--when it comes to sex, three has always been my favorite number. Such variety, so many possibilities--just from adding one more hot man. As my Fritz would say, "I'd buy THAT video!"

homeboi said...

'Designated Hole Day' Man I love that concept!