Wednesday, November 03, 2004

"Song of the exPat"

"Oh Canada"
"Our home and native land"
"Bring down your borders to encompass Michigan"

Yeah like that would happen

Well fucking Hitler won another term. I'm at least happy that Michigan's electoral college vote went for Kerry. Unfortunately Michigan did pass the bigot law to ban marriage and civil unions for gays. But seriously it disturbs me to live in a country that the majority of the people are so clueless and naive. Its all those backwood inbred conservatives that's the problem. But I guess once there children start getting sent back from Irac in a box maybe they'll have a change of heart. I doubt that also, but who knows.

But anyway, I honestly thought that this would probably happen... so last night I started looking at real estate and HIV and Aids services in Ontario, Canada. Would love to live in the Toronto area, but it looks to be too expensive. Found a few nice places in Sarnia just across the border from Port Huron, MI. Only a few hours from where we're at now, and I hear that they have a passenger train that goes to Toronto. Hmmm. Going to start investigating how to go about getting a Canadian citizenship. I hear its easier to get if you do it before you move.

I want to live in a actual FREE Country damit!

Any Canadian readers? I'd love some input.


Update: Well I took the online skilled worker test to see if I could immigrate and I scored a 53. The lowest acceptable score is 67. Sooo I guess I'm too stoopid to be able to immigrate to Canada. FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!

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tosdfrjds said...

Oh my you poor poor guys! I just hope that you all now know what you are in for, it really sucks when the big bad brute gets controll! Whats this test! I bet 90% of us Canadians couldn't pass it! send me the link and I'll try myself and let you all know what I got! Now how about I get you a Canadian husband and you can mary to move here kind of thing! You can do that here I'm so proud to be Canadian some times! really I am! I am very surprised that bush got in again I guess the stupid people out number the educated ones in your country now! What a shame it is to have to put up with him for another 4 years I am pissed of for you! Don't worry I'll get your back if you come to Canada!