Thursday, November 04, 2004

Eyes closed, hands over la la la la

Ok I'm done with politics for another 4 yrs unless something important comes up that needs to be voted on. I'm no longer allowing myself to read the "letters to the editor" section of the Midland Daily News after what I read today. One letter against gay marriage states that "How can Homo's really say they love one another when they give each other the death sentence of AIDS". FUCK YOU!!! I got HIV because of faulty condoms that I got from the local Health Dept. so FUCK OFF ASSHOLE!! Personally I don't even give a shit about gay marriage I'm very happy living in sin, thank you very much, but if others want to then I believe that they should have that right same as every other person in this country. When gas prices started going over $2 a gal., I remember one letter that stated "I don't know why everyone is complaining about high gas prices, milk is more expensive at 2.50 a gal." Well for one fucking thing I don't buy 20 gallons of milk a week either you stupid FUCKTARD! If it wasn't for working and having family in Midland, I wouldn't look back.

Most people in Midland are soo righteously ignorant.

I've got to shut myself off from this shit or its going to kill me. I would love nothing more than to live in a happy place like Canada but it doesn't look feasible. Vancouver would be my first choice because of all the furry daddy's that live there, but its too fucking far away and Toronto is too fucking expensive. In order to sell the house and get its maximum worth it would have to be finished, which we're not even close to doing.

So I'm done listening/reading about politics, I don't want to see that rat faced dictator or his vacant staring stepford wife again.

Pardon me while I drown myself in alcohol, sex and xanax for the next four years. Now back to my simple uninformed life. La la la la la la.....


Homer said...

You tell them Mouse, tell them to go fuck themselves. My 72 year old mother voted no on the stupid marriage initiative. She's my hero now.

angreeblkcub said...

I'm about one day behind ya, mouse....fed up and reaching my limit. So, in honor of your post. bring on the blinders, poppers, and bourbon. :D

drunk again said...

i hear ya and have doubled my dosage of klonnies and vodka.