Friday, May 20, 2005

And your little dog too!

Scooby got a call from his mother back home in Oklahoma the other day.

This is a horrible story she told him.

His sister in law who lives in Oklahoma also, was getting ready to go to work and let one of her chihuahua's outside to do his business. Just as she went out to bring him in, an owl swooped down, snatched the dog and flew off.


Ridor said...

I read USA Today few years ago that in Alaska, a couple lets the same kind of dog like you mentioned -- while the couple was filling the gas in their car and the dog peed. The Bald Eagle picked it up.


mark said...

It actually happens more then people think. Damn, there were times I wished there was an eagle in the vacinity when I took my chihuahua out to poop.

Iritating dog....