Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The joy of home ownership

Well we had a very productive weekend. Worked on installing more trim work on the house getting ready for the siding. Helped Scooby run electical under the house in the crawl space (lots of spiders and webs...yuck). I was also in the attic running electrical to the eves for future Christmas lighting. Then in the meantime I transplanted grass from our driveway to bare patches around the yard. Wanted to get that done before they pave the driveway this week.

The weather ended up not being so bad. It did rain for awhile on Saturday and Sunday and during that time we installed a few of the wooden panels to the back porch ceiling. Honestly its times like this I hate being a home owner.

Monday we got an email from a friend saying that they had a wonderful time in Saugatuck at the gay campground this weekend. I know I've probably bitched about this before, but I miss the way the campground used to be before the guy that ran it died. It wasn't fancy, but it was affordable. Now the new owners have put in a little dinky inground pool, pool house ect. and raised the prices to compensate and added a yearly membership fee to boot. Shit, we're a one income family and could barely afford to go before, now its close to impossible. I did complain about it on their questionnaire so now they let people work there for a discount on camping. I'm sorry but I scrub fucking shitty toilets for a living and the last thing I want to do is scrub them when I'm on vacation...FUCK THAT! Now they're going to put in a bar right in the campground also, which sounds great but I'm sure the camping prices will go up again.

It just bums me out that us low income queers are being squeezed out to make room for all the rich fags. But then, I guess we probably could afford to go if the house wasn't nickle and dimeing me to death. Priorities can suck sometimes...


Will said...

If it's properly run, the bar SHOULD make a great deal of money and subsidize a lot of the campground's expenses. If it doesn't, then it's being mismanaged or the owner is using it as a cash cow for himself.

Michael said...

I hope that will be the case, but my intuition smells a cash cow.