Monday, May 23, 2005

His scent

Friday night
smooching and groping men
He smelled really good
considering I normally don't like cologne
he was an exception

sorting through the beer fog
did I lick his sexy shaved head
think I did...yes, yes I did
He wanted to leave with us
But I knew he was too drunk to follow through

His scent lingered on me the next morning
giving me wood
slipped it in the boyfriend
road him hard
unloaded hard

His scent reloaded me
giving me wood again
slipped back in the boyfriend
Making the man very happy

road him hard again
until he unloaded hard


Will said...

Lovely little wake-up event and poem. just delightful.

Wake-up sex has always been my favorite and luckily I found a guy who agrees it is a perfect way to begin the day.

Thom said...

I like the poem - very hot and very tender at the same time.