Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The family garden and Mr. Poo's dilemma

As I think I've said in the past I have lunch with my elderly father every Tuesday and today he told a story that made me LOL.

To set it up my parents had a 40 acre farm which they bought from my mothers father. About 5 acres of it was the yard where our house was and my parents enormous garden. The rest of the land was rented out to my cousin who farmed it. My parents grew everything in their garden: tomatoes, corn (both edible and Indian), squash, pumpkins, beans, carrots, lettuce, cucumbers, cabbage, radishes, onions, potatoes, strawberries, rhubarb, ect.. They also had two apple trees, two pear trees and about 1/2 dozen peach trees. What my mom didn't can for the season she gave away to family and friends, under one condition that you go out in the garden and pick it yourself.

Well my dad told me this story that his brother inlaw wanted to get some tomatoes and cucumbers from my parents garden one year. So when they were ripe my father called my uncle and said that the tomatoes and cuke's were ready. My uncle replied, "Are they picked", and my father told him, "no". My uncle never came over and got them cuz he refused to pick them himself.

When it became apparent that my uncle wasn't going to come over and get his veggies, my mother asked my father, "Do you think he wanted us to eat them for him too?" My mother and I had the same sense of humor, the only difference is that I normally will say something sarcastic like that right to your face.

Mr. Poo's dilemma

My cat is fat
How fat you say
is my cat

25 lbs.

and that
is too fat
for a cat

At least thats what the vet says

I've been meaning to post about our cat Mr. Poo for awhile now. Earlier this year the vet put him on a diet cuz..well he's 25 pounds. We put him on diet cat food and the vet told me that he wanted me to bring him in every month to get weighed. I asked the vet if I needed an appointment to come in and he said, "No not at all bring him in anytime to get weighed".

Ok Mr. Poo hates and I mean absolutely hates to leave the house and go for a ride. The first trip we ever made to the vet, I was stupid enough to think that I could just bring him in with a collar and leash. LOL He sat on the floor in the back seat and just wailed. Being the good mommy that I am I consoled him all the way telling him that everything was gonna be ok. Then we had to wait in the waiting room for a bit and he climbed right into my coat wrapping himself around my back. By the time we got into the exam room I was covered in cat hair and I mean covered.

These days I have a carrier that works alot better. He still crys on the trip and I still console him, but he doesn't cry like he used to. He must be getting used to it a bit. Anyway today I decided would be a good morning to take him to get weighed and get some more really expensive diet cat food, cuz he was getting low. We drive all the way across town and I pull in and see that there are no cars in the patient parking and think COOL we have the waiting room to ourselves. I park and get Mr. Poo and his carrier outta the car we go to the door and it's locked. FUCK Then I see the note on the door saying that they are closed Tuesdays from 8-11am for some kinda educational meeting.

Poor Mr. Poo had to take an agonizing car ride for nothing. So now we have to go back next Monday.

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Homer said...

I made the mistake of bringing Puff and Joey to work one day and they SCREAMED all the way. They were just hateful and I was so ashamed!