Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Rain, rain go away

Not much new to post. We've been trying to work on putting siding on the house but the weather hasn't been cooperating. We did a little bit last Saturday but it ended up being to hot to stand on the roof on the front porch. We decided then that we would wait till Sunday morning and work on it when it was cooler. Got up Sunday and it was raining and continued to rain throughout the day. So then we decided to try Monday before I went to work...again rain. Tuesday was good but I'm outta the house by 10:30 am and don't get back home from work until 12:30am and the siding we're doing is a two person job so nothing on Tuesday either. Today was beautiful but Scooby had to work this morning.

I took Friday off on vacation and got Monday off on Holiday and figured that we could get alot done in those four days. The weatherman are predicting rain all weekend. FUCK! If it does rain maybe we'll work on installing the wood paneled ceiling on the back porch. Scooby got all the tile installed on the new bathroom floor this last week and it looks beautiful.

One more month and I'll have been blogging for a year. Wow time sure flys. Been thinking of totally changing this blog and maybe even the name... the current one is a bit too long I think. Have already decided to start using my real name instead of Mouse. Mouse was just something I thought up on the spur of the moment in order to hide my real identity. But now I'm thinking fuck it, who cares. Anyway I'm Mike by the way.

That's about it...hope everyone has a great Memorial day weekend.

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angreeblkcub said...

good to meet ya Mike.