Friday, November 04, 2005


Tuesday was our friend "K"s birthday. We had all planned on going out to the Berg for drinks after I got out of work at midnight. By 10pm I started doing project work and lost track of time and before I knew it my pager started going was Scooby wondering where I was was 12:30. Yikes! So I fly home and Scooby and "K" are sitting there and I say "come on its 1am if we're going to go out we gotta go".

Then I'm informed that we have to go pick up Thurston, so we fly across town pick up Thurston. Then Scooby forgot his wallet, so we go back home pick up his wallet, then fly into Saginaw and finally get to the Berg around 1:45am...whew. We drink to our hearts content celebrating "K"s birthday and head out at 2:30am only to find my car reeking of gasoline.

OH shit I forgot I had a can of gas in the trunk of my car. I open the trunk and there is the can of gas laying there upside down. Luckily I had a plastic tarp in the back also which helped keep the gas from totally soaking in everywhere. We toss the tarp and the cardboard boxes that I was going to recycle and head home. The inside of the car totally reeking of gas, Scooby rolled down his window and stuck his head out for air. All the while "K" and I are commenting on how the gas smell is turning us on. I don't know what it is but I love the smell of a garage and gasoline.

On our trip home we joke about how much gas fumes it would take to become aphixiated except that I mispronounce it as afisticated. We all laugh and decide that it should be a new word if it isn't already.

afisticated: One who's been fisted so much, that they can no longer hold their mud.

I'm so fucking sick...

Not that I would know about those things personally, I have yet to perform as a puppet....

Note: Giving credit where it is due, I got the "hold their mud" reference from Chad Fox at "Stop touching my food". I actually read it first on Daigle's blog "Salty Sea Stories", who was quoting Chad.


Thom said...

Regardless of the source of the phrase, your definition is a creative - if a bit disgusting - one!

Homer said...

My father always mispronounced sophisticated as "defisticated."