Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Saturday we went to Mt. Pleasant to visit a friend. On the way we stopped at a Army surplus store to check shit out. Scooby made the mistake of mentioning New Orleans and the guy running the place of course had his opinion. It went like this:

Guy: Those people are stupid for living down there. It's under sea level, they should just scrap that town.
Me: (Sarcastically) While their at it they might as well make everyone leave Florida and California also. With all the Hurricanes, mudslides and earthquakes its all a wasteland. And its only gonna get worse....
Guy: Global warming?
Me: Yeah, they keep chopping down all the rain forest, and we're gonna pay for it in the long run.

That shut him up... Even though I was kinda pissed I did buy a camo t-shirt since it was only 10 bucks.

We had a great dinner at our friends place. He lives out in the country on his grandparents farm. I took pics of his windmill. It was cloudy though, so they didn't turn out to great. After dinner and a couple of hours of "What's Happening" marathon, Scooby was falling asleep so we headed out....into the worst torrential rain storm I've ever driven in. It got so bad that I really should have pulled over, but I couldn't find the side of the road and was worried that we would be rear ended if we stopped. So I continued on and the rain got worse and worse, but we did eventually make it home.

Other than that life's been a complete bore. Got the house pretty much ready for winter. I need to go out and rake up some leaves, fun fun. We went out and picked up 12 more sheets of drywall, more fun fun. Hopefully that will be enough to finish the attic, around the front door and the last wall of our bedroom.

Been working on my bird house gourds to get some ready to sell at the Gallery. They want them to have some kind of Holiday motif so I'm gonna paint them up like snowmen. Don't know as of yet how there going to turn out. I've been having to run all over the Tri-Cities to craft stores for supplies. It's been kind of a pain in the ass, so they better fuckin sell.

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