Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The wake up call

I haven't said much about this and have probably just been living in denial, but Scooby, the love of my life, hasn't been on meds for a year and 1/2. He has problems dealing with all the red tape that it takes when you don't have health insurance and "Family Independent Agency" keeps screwing up his application. He finally just said "fuck it I'm taking a break from meds, doctors, labs, sitting at FIA."

Life for me is overwhelming, being poz with a fulltime job, 3 house cleaning jobs, plus cleaning our house, laundry, cooking, yardwork, ect.. I'm exhausted and felt "My plate is full, and that I did enough in this relationship, I'm not gonna drag him to FIA also." I've been watching this disease for along time and know that people who don't take meds are basically here one day and gone the next. Like I said...denial.

Losing Angreeblkcub was a real wake up call for me. I'm now gonna nag Scooby until he gets his application filled out and if I have to I'll drag his ass down to FIA by his pubes. I've already expressed my concern with him, louder now than in the past, that I want to grow old with him, dammit. So as Cher said in Moonstruck "Snap out of it", with out the slap across the face, that is.

In other news....This weekend "K" and his new beau asked us to go to Bronners in Frankenmuth with them on Sunday. Bronners is one of, if not the biggest Christmas store. I was told one time that they actually supply Hollywood with all the Christmas crap for their movies, but that might of been someone just blowing smoke up my ass....I dunno. Anyway we went there and checked out all the stuff they have. Then went to a couple of specialty stores, one for cheese, the other for fudge. I bought myself a chocolate truffle at each, YUM! Did I mention that I love chocolate truffles.

After all the running around Scooby was getting hungry so I suggested we stop at "Tiffany's" which is this pub/restaurant in Frankenmuth with about a gazzion Tiffany light fixtures. We ordered some snacks and a pitcher of beer. They were having "Industry night" for all the local workers in uniform....$4 pitchers of beer. That got our conversation going on how expensive it is to go to gay bars and why don't they have an Industry night. Pitchers at the little gay pub we go to are 6.50 and they never have specials. On the other hand all the straight bars down the street from my place are always having Draft Pitcher specials for $4 bucks. We drink our pitcher and eat our snacks (note: I say snacks cuz I can't spell Hors'Durvs...see) anyway we get the check and the pitcher of beer was 7.00. I immediately start laughing my ass off cuz its more expensive than the "Berg" after we just got done bitching about how expensive gay bars are and "Tiffany's" is a straight establishment, granted a straight yuppy establishment.

Anyway we had a good time and I'm glad they invited us to tag along. It was just the pick me up that I needed since I had just found out about Angreeblkcub that morning. Wake up call #2 is that life is too short and I gotta stop focusing on shit in my past and everything else that I have no control over. I'm gonna move on and have some fun....


Glenn said...

You think that is expensive? Try gay bars in NYC. I paid $8 bucks for a Heineken bottle over the weekend. I really can't even imagine how people can afford to be alcoholics.

Michael said...

OUCH! Hell its winter time do what we do. Stop at a store and buy your beer, stuff them in your winter coat pockets and bring them in the bar.

Just don't get caught, they hate that.