Monday, November 28, 2005

Never mix, never worry?

Friday morning I started drinking coffee and Irish creme. Then by around 3pm I switched to beer and bloody mary's. We sat around that evening drinking until we decided to head over to Thurston's and bug him for awhile. Once there we drank a bottle of wine and more beer with shots of whisky thrown in for good measure while Thurston played his records. By the end of the evening I kept falling out of my chair. Note: I was sitting in a desk type chair with wheels which I kept spinning around the room in, until I would fall over. I must have fallen several times cuz they quit picking me up and just left me on the floor. I was told the next day that as I laid on the floor that I was either disco dancing or trying to make snow angles, or a combo of both.

At least Thurston's got a clean floor now...

Sometime during all this falling down I smashed the hell out of my right index finger. Sliced it close along the nail and cuticle and the edge of my nail was all ripped and jagged like it had been knawed on. And I don't bit my nails... Didn't even realize it till I was bleeding all over the place.

Why is it I only had 4 beers the night before Thanksgiving and I had a headache the entire next day. But Friday I practically drink myself to death and Saturday I feel fine. I don't understand that.

Went to see the first showing of "Rent" today. Scooby and I and one other guy had the entire theatre to ourselves. Just the way I like it. The movie was fabulous! I got kinda weepy through out the movie.

Think I'm gonna stop the Zoloft by next week. Gonna start taking my Marinol on a regular basis instead. On it, I'm so much more "with it" and motivated to work, plus shit don't bother me. It gives me an "eh fuck it" kinda of attitude about the things that bother me that I have no control over. We'll see...

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