Thursday, November 10, 2005

Why I don't garden in the front yard on a weekday

Just to get you up to speed, I live on a busy corner with a stop light. Several years ago I was out in the front yard on my hands and knees pulling weeds out of one of my planting beds with my back facing the road. I was wearing an old t-shirt that had shrunk and didn't overlap my shorts.

A school bus full of elementary school kids pulls up and stops at the light in front of the house. Its a warm day and they have all the windows down on the bus. All of a sudden I hear one of the kids loudly say in a sing song type way,

"I can see your butt crack".

I turn around just as the entire bus load of kids start hilariously laughing and pointing at me. I wave and luckily the light turns green and the bus takes off.

And that is why I no longer garden in the front yard on a weekday.


Will said...

Damn! And I was planning a drive-by this weekend.

Thom said...

Me too, Will, but it sounds like we're too late!

Michael said...

On the contrary gentlemen. I don't flash my ass crack just during the week.

Weekends you'll find me in the front yard flashing to whoever wants to see my lily white ass. LOL

Kody said...

*perks up*

And the directions from M-20 again are?!

Glenn said...

All you need is a little butt-spackle, and you'll be totally ready for any viewings in the public. Be proud of your butt crack!