Tuesday, May 30, 2006

weekend recap

Sunday we had about 14 people over for a BBQ that never happened. I made potato and pasta salad, a relish tray and deviled eggs while Scooby was suppose to do the BBQ'ing. Well he ended up putting hotdogs in the steamer and the burgers never happened. It ended up getting into the 90's and was hotter than hell. Just a few days before we were freezing. Guess spring was cancelled.

Had one guy at the party talk shit about one of my best friends and his BF talked shit about New Orleans even though he knows its our favorite city. I wish shit like that didn't bother me so much. But I guess thats just how Queens are, they like to get their jabs in when ever they can. I'm beginning to think that maybe I don't have social anxiety, maybe I just don't like most people. I need to check into seeing a counceler or something. I also think that maybe I should stop partying.

I made a crack at the party that, "When I was young I wanted to travel and see the world, now I have to be sedated just to leave the house". Sad but mostly true.

Also heard rumours that the city is thinking about putting in a turn lane in front of our house. Apparently they talked to other neighbors about the plans but not me. Odd, but since it would take out my front yard and drastically lower my property value, is it any wonder they haven't mentioned it to me. God I just want to get this house finished so we can put the fucker up for sale.

Well if you haven't noticed yet I'm in a crappy mood, but tomorrow is another day.


thomas said...

far be it from the psychiatric nurse in the house to say, but i think you'd enjoy the work you could do with a counselor. i highly recommend them. even if my experience wasn't great, i think it was more a matter of finding the right therapist and not settling until you do.

Drub said...

When I found out I had HIV, I found that I had a lot of anger and resentment pooled up. It took me about 2 sessions of painful discovery to realize that killing the guy who lied to me was stupid. I had no idea I was carrying all of that crap around in my head until it all came pouring out!

I later took up boxing. Boxing is an amazing work out, great for the spirit and makes you one horny motherfucker! Not that you need much encouragement in that department. ;) Don't you guys move to San Diego... you both are better off in New Orleans, away from my various downtown bits.

All in all, I still hate people especially cranky fags who can't mind their own business and insist in talking about others. It just goes to show that those that talk are far less interesting than their subject matter.

Michael said...

I need to get a hold of my HIV case manager to see if he can recommend a councelor. I just recently found out that my insurance will cover it, so what the hell.

I'm also at a point that I'm opening up the idea of moving places other than NOLA. I just want/need to get the fuck out of Michigan.

AJ said...

Hey Michael, sorry you had put up with some little bitch at your own party.
I have seen a counselor a few times over the years and found it helpful. It's always good to comfirm that everyone else is crazy! You just have to find the right one for you.
Hang in there!