Thursday, May 25, 2006

Nothing much to say

God here it is Thursday and I haven't posted anything since Monday. Nothing much is happening. Having about 16 people over on Sunday and BBQing. Tomorrow I have a date with a guy that I haven't played with in over a year. Hopefully he will still like to ride my face like the good ole days.

Heard on the radio that there was a fire a couple of days ago on the east side of town. So will probably drive over there and gawk at the remains. Don't know if there was more than one fire or not, a lady at work said she heard there was one on the west side of town said it took out 5 buildings. YIKES! We don't have local tv programming and don't get the newspaper so we kind of live in the dark around here, unless someone tells us something or we hear it on the radio.

Tomorrow after I get home from the date, seeing the fire remains and paying the mortgage, I'm thinking about hitting the neighborhood straight bars and getting a little wasted. Got several within walking distance. Or maybe I'll spend the afternoon in the backroom of the dirty bookstore. I hear that it can be pretty busy on a holiday weekend.

Hope everyone has a Great Memorial weekend. Don't know if I'll post anything tomorrow or not.


thomas said...

have a dirty sweaty time for me too, because i'm working double shifts over the holiday weekend.

Spencer said...

Have a wonderful weekend!

AJ said...

Have a great time trickin' and partying! I haven't blogged for a while either, probably will this weekend. Hope your party stays dryer than mine! HAVE FUN!

Anonymous said...

Going to look at fire damage- that is such a Michigan thing to do. I remember driving with my parents to stare at burned up places.