Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I've heard the radio commercials forever so I finally decided to check out MidMichiganhelpwanted.com

Local Registered Job seekers.....22,347


Gee anyone what to move to Michigan. Ahahahahahahahaha

If Delphi (car parts plant) does close the local plant you can add another 5,900 to the list of local people seeking employment.


Drub said...

Yet the economy is in an upswing? Doesn't that make you wanna hurl?

Michael said...

Yeah, upswing for the rich and elite, downswing for the rest of us. Makes me wanna hurl, package it up and send it to our dictator.

Anonymous said...

You know, Michael, it’s really a MF here in Mid-Michigan. My old man and I moved to Midland over a year ago from Las Vegas, and I haven’t been able to even get fucking interviews. I’ve had two, one in Midland, and the other in Mackinaw City. Tell me how bad it is here. We came because the real estate is cheap. However, the job market blows. Thank Jebus that my old man has a steady investment income that keeps us afloat. We are so fucking out of here when our lease is up on this place. Back to Vegas….

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