Monday, May 08, 2006

Local weekend drama

Saturday we got up and met our friend Thurston at the flea market. This has become a tradition for us during the summer. This time though things or people seemed to be odd or odder than normal. First we notice this young guy going to each vendor and asking them if they were the ones that called the police. Each time the other person told the guy, "no". We then started thinking, "OK, whats going on?"

We were about 3/4 of the way through when I over heard another conversation. This time it was a couple that were selling popcorn and ice cream. This girl with a cell phone was walking past them and the popcorn woman said to the cell phone girl, "You better just mind your own business and keep your trap shut!"

We then finished looking at all the crap and went next door to the market for breakfast. The market is this old run down kinda deco style restraurant that is run by this cool lady, her son runs the flea market. After breakfast the son then told us what went down that morning....

Apparently another young guy that rents an apartment in the house next to the market and flea market was all distraught over his girlfriend and started shooting a gun. Well someone called the police and soon the SWAT team showed up in their Hummers. They evacuated everyone from the flea market because it sits right next to a propane gas company and they were afraid that a stray bullet might cause some explosions. The gun man wouldn't come out of the house until the SWAT team started shooting the windows out. He then surrendered.

The guy that was going around asking/threatening people about who called the police was a friend of the gun man and he was also packing aka carrying a gun.

Never a fuckin dull moment...

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