Wednesday, May 31, 2006

25 things about me

I haven't done anything like this yet so here we go.

1. The house I live in now is the longest I've ever lived anyplace. (15 yrs)
2. My parents were in there mid 40's when they had me.
3. My next youngest sibling was 18 when I was born, the other two were 20, and 22.
4. My father retired when I was in 3rd grade.
5. After my father retired we spent winters in Tucson, AZ.
6. From 6th through 10th grade I went to school full time in Tucson.
7. We moved back to Michigan for my last two years of high school.
8. After graduation I spent a month in N. Miami Beach finishing up a corespondence course dealing with the Airlines.
9. I moved back to Tucson for 5 months but then came back to Michigan because I got lonely.
10. I briefly worked for Continental Airlines and was called a scab because it was a non union airline.
11. I've worked at: a Deli in a grocery store, delivered pizza for Dominos, washed cars for Thrifty car rental, delivered packages for Airborne Express, and various janitorial jobs.
12. I've been to two different countries, Windsor Canada and Nogalas Mexico...when I was a kid.
13. I've been on vacation to New York City once, San Fransisco twice, Chicago a few times and New Orleans several times.
14. I drive a 2000 Grand Prix.
15. I also have a 1970 Cadillac Sedan Deville that I can't afford to restore and am trying to sell.
16. I don't like the texture of bananas.
17. I only talk to my siblings about once or twice a year.
18. I don't like to argue or debate cuz it stresses me out.
19. I had a poodle when I was growing up.
20. I had a black lab in my 20's and early 30's.
21. In my mid 30's I discovered that I was a cat person.
22. I like most foods, chinese is my favorite.
23. The majority of my diet consists of salad and cereal.
24. I like old architure over modern.
25. I secretly lust after several people on my blogroll.

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Chris said...

It's a secret? :-D