Wednesday, May 03, 2006

This n that

We got alot done again today before I had to leave for work. First we managed to hang another piece of drywall on the back porch/summer living room area. Then got the baseboard attached and managed to get most of the wainscotting put up on the same wall. That is the last wall in that room that needs drywall and its been like that for years. It going to be so nice to be able to sit back there during the summer without having crap fall on our heads from the old exposed nasty wall. The crap I refer to is blow in insulation and very old deteriorated black felt and black dirt/dust ect..

I've about worn out all the cd's I have in my car so I turned on the local hard rock station and was surprised to find that there still playing the same music they did when I listen to them 10 or so years ago. I heard an old STP song when Scott Weiland was still in the band. You know when he was still HOT instead of the emaciated sketelon he is today. God every time I see him these days I cringe and think to myself, I was once was sexually attracked to him?

I was getting out of my car to go into my building today and these two very cute young guys in a truck was pulling through the parking lot and yelled at me. Of course me being the deaf person I am I had to ask them to repeat what ever they were asking me. They then asked me if I wanted a home entertainment system new in the box. I'm like, dudes I don't have any money and they're like whatever you can get out of you atm. Apparently they install these systems and the warehouse gave them one to many. I really wasn't interested and was going to be late for work if I took any longer so I declined their offer. If there wouldn't of been a couple of employees in the parking lot with in ear shot I was half tempted to tell them, "Guys I'm so poor all I could offer you for the system would be 100. bucks plus a couple of blow jobs". They were that cute and I am that horny. But I've never propositioned a straight guy before and am a little leary of doing so, and plus there were employees in the parking lot so it didn't happen. Nice dream though.

When I was a little kid I sucked my thumb...alot. It now makes me think did all little boys who sucked their thumb turn out to be as orally fixated as I am?


Drub said...

I'm totally with you on Scott... I remember when I was in college, I cut out the picture of him in profile in Rolling Stone with his tongue out. I think I spilled lots of seed thinking of that image.

Orally, huh? I'm totally the other way around. The butt is where it's at!

Anonymous said...

aren't those guys known as stereo/audio scam guys? it was pretty well known aroud here and big cities around, buy their stuff and you find out later all compornent are empty, no mechanical parts inside. anyway, glad to hear you didn't buy anything.

Michael said...

I thought it sounded fishy, but they were cute so I entertained them for a minute or two.