Friday, August 11, 2006

Friday kitty pic

Here's a pic of the kids. We've decided that Clyde the white one with black spots is gay. First he's always grooming himself. Not only does he clean his own butthole but his brothers as well. He'll even go into the litter box after his brother and make sure everything is buried completely. He doesn't eat much, cuz he's watching his weight of course. I know there's more but I can't remember right now.

His brother Kiddo on the other hand will eat anything. He loves cheese puffs, the fatty part of bacon, spagetti or any pasta for that matter, and of course potato chips.

In other news we are going to have a roomate. Our friend J is moving into one of our spare rooms. Him and his bf broke up this spring and he had moved back in with his parents, but I told him that he was more than welcome to move in since we get along so well. Plus he's in his early 20's and will probably be going out of town on the weekends to the "real gay bars". Ah the good ole days when a trip to Lansing or Detroit to the bars and clubbing all night was the thing to do. It should be interesting.


thomas said...

Oh, the kitties are so cute. None of my cats are gay, but they are pretty prissy.

And a roommate? That should be interesting. I wish people didn’t work my nerves so much, because I have room enough for a roommate, and it would save me money.

Homer said...

Your kitties are so cute.

Michael said...

Thanks guys, they really know how to rap me around their little paws.