Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Thank you!

Hey everyone, I got second place for Drub's porn essay contest! Just wanted to thank everyone who voted for me. In case your just tuning in here is my nasty story.

In other news shit is looking up. It seems that my gardian angel has finally woke the fuck up. I sold my fucking 1970 caddy this morning. A big FUCK YES for that considering I've got about 3 grand worth of bills due next month. Also realized that I'm getting a 750. buck longevity bonus for being at my job for the last 15 yrs, which I'll get in the beginning of September. Plus the extra cash for renting the room to my new furry sexy young roomate. What's next?

God I better play the lotto. I've never had this much good luck hit so close together. Anyway, Happy Happy Joy Joy it's time to do my happy dance.


AJ said...

Congrats, I'm happy for you!
BTW, really liked your story.

Will said...

Young, sexy, furry and right there on the premises? Has the non-stop sex begun yet?

Michael said...

Thanks AJ!

Will: Not yet... but were working on it. LOL