Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Catch and release

We're having problems with neighborhood cats again. I guess since we have 3 indoor cats now and the windows are open the outdoor ones feel the need to spray our house to mark territory. So I went over to Animal Control to borrow a live trap. Got it set up in the back yard and put some cat food in it.

When I got home last night I could see that there was something in the trap. I just figured in was a cat. Well....Scooby got a flash light and we went out to investigate. It wasn't a cat that we caught but a possum. Of course Animal Control will only take domesticated animals. So we took a little trip last night out of town and set the little bugger free to romp in the country side instead of the neighborhood. Those damn things scare the shit out of me but this one seemed to be quite docile, no hissing but he did bare his scary teeth. Hope the city possum adapts to country life. It was right near the river so he should be happy.

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AJ said...

My last partner and I caught seven of those things in our yard a few years back. Kind of funny, I just spoke to him earlier about borrowing the trap. We have "something" in the yard here.
Have a blast in NOLA!