Thursday, August 24, 2006

Regrets and the pit whores

I got home last night and there was something in the live trap. It turned out to be a cat this time. Scooby seems to think it was the wild one that has been living in the neighbors shed. This morning I got up and went to take him to animal control and he had a wound on his forehead from trying to head but the cage trying to get out. I considered several times just letting him go. I don't mind stray cats in the yard, cuz they help with the mice. But I don't want cats spraying our house cuz with the window open it reeks and our cats freak out. I hope this was the one thats been doing it. I felt awful taking him in. It breaks my heart to do this. I wish people would take care of their pets.

On a brighter note, our new kitties are pit whores. They fucking love Scooby and my's arm pits. Clyde started it with getting in Sccoby's lap and nuzzling him and burying his head in his arm pit and pushing his face as hard as he could in there. Last night I was in bed and both of them tag teamed me taking turns grinding their faces in my arm pits. It was too cute, but drove me fucking crazy.

Kiddo and I groom each other also. He'll climb in my lap and I'll pet him and if I'm shirtless he will start licking my chest hair. The other day we were sitting in the bay window and I was brushing him and he raised his head and licked my titt. One of J's friends was over and witnessed it and said "That is so wrong". It was just one lick though and then he started licking my chest hair. I like being a mommy.

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