Monday, August 28, 2006

Naked rain dance and other shit

Saturday afternoon it downpoured to the point I grabbed a towel took off all my clothes and went out in the back yard and danced and stood around in the rain. It felt wonderful. It soaked and matted my fur to my body. I've always thought that wet fur is sexy. Dancing and standing around naked in the rain turns me on. I reached my arms up and let the water run down them matting my pit hair.

Sugar Daddy came up and we celebrated my birthday early. He brought me a couple of t-shirts that say, "Erection Inspector" and "I may not be Mr. Right, But I'll fuck you till he shows up". He also gave me a leather jock that has buckles on the hips. Very hot and sexy, I'll have to take a pic and post once I get back from Decadence.

We're about packed and ready to go. I can't believe we'll be there on Wednesday. I'm really gonna miss the kitties this will be the first time leaving them. Oh and I'm starting to get a god dammed cold sore. Fucking great! But I've been on L-Lysine so it should be gone within a couple of days before it even breaks the surface. That fucking shit rocks!

I finally broke down and joined the new Millenium.....I bought a cell phone. GASP! I plan on just using it for emergency purposes mainly. We'll see how that goes. But we really needed one since we're staying with friends down in NOLA who don't have a land line and well it is Hurricane season.

Don't know if I'll be posting while I'm down there or not. Will hopefully have alot of dirty adventures to report when I get back.


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Will said...

As to hurricane season, it looks like the current contender is going to miss NOLA by a wide margin. You in a leather jock sounds like something I really want to see. You and Scooby at Decadence sounds the perfect combination of ingredients. Enjoy!!!