Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The hot tub party, Sundays fiasco and a kitty update

Last Saturday we went to a hot tub party. There was about a dozen or so people. The hosts had a great spread of food and livations. I ended up drinking the world. I first started with Vodka and lemonade. But there was just something about the taste that didn't do it for me so I switched to Jim Beam and Lemonade, which was much tastier. Then I tried one of those strawberry margarita's that are premade in a frozen tub. They were yummy but very sweet, so I only had one of those. I ended with a few beers and giving friend Thurston a blow job on the back patio.

Thurston and I have played on and off our entire friendship (about 20 yrs). He was the first guy that woke me up in the morning by sticking his cock in my mouth. I like a man who knows what he wants... Anyway the bj was brief since we didn't want to make a scene. I haven't blown him in about a year or two cuz it normally ends with him fucking my mouth senseless and he's a bit too long to the point that I always ended up throwing up just a bit in my mouth about the same time he cums. I'm there for the cum so when it ends and all I taste is sick, well that's no fun for me. So the bj was brief, we had fun, end of story...

Sunday ended up being a fiasco. One of our friends was in town and wanted us to go to his parents cabin on the bay. He wanted to drive separtely so he could take off from there and head home. We had to go pick up Thurston and left him in the our driveway with plans to meet at the gas station so we could follow since we weren't quite sure where it was at. Well I forgot to tell Thurston to bring his cell phone, we got to the gas station and our other friend wasn't there. The pay phone wasn't working so we figured that he had continued on and just expected us to call him. We drove up and found the street and drove the entire length and didn't see his vehicle. Thurston had some friends up there so he stopped in and they knew which cabin we were looking for. Got there and there was nobody there. Went back to Thurstons friends place and called his cell. It ended up that he had left his keys in our house and was stuck there, so we said fuck it and headed back home. We ended up BBQ'ing hamburgers at home and had a good time despite all the earlier confusion.

Oh and when we got home I found Kiddo up on the buffet with his head in a bag of potato chips. We really should have named him Starvin Marvin cuz he really has some food issues. Other than that the cats have been very well mannered and have been getting along great.


Will said...

We have a hot tub to offer the guys along with the Sweat Lodge. One night I wound up in the tub with two other guys, one of them a very beautiful friend from Hong Kong.

All the jets were bubbling nicely when the other man, who has a lively sense of humor, quickly changed the controls to a single, powerful jet that shot the Chinese Guy right around the side of the tub and into my arms. Great fun.

thomas said...

kiddo in the 'tato chip bag... i bet it was freaking adorable. i am totally picturing it. i just love me some kitties!

Anonymous said...

your stories and escapades are very you get more than your partner? do you fool around together very much? any regulars you both do?

Michael said...

Will: that is too funny!

Thomas: He was so adorable I couldn't scold him.

Anonymous: Thanks. According to my bf I do get more than him. We do fool around together with others (3ways) occasionally. And yes we have a couple of guys that we both do, our sugar daddy is one of them.