Monday, August 21, 2006

How time flys and corrupting young men

God I can't believe we leave next week for NOLA for Southern Decandence. Now that I now where the bars with the back rooms are....WATCH OUT! I'm not kidding, I probably won't be able to scrub the dirt off my knees for weeks. I can't even imagine being in a backroom during Decadence with all those hot horny men.

These Lips of Mine from Mark Weigle's Versatile CD

I learned why the Lord gave me wrists
When you slapped the handcuffs on
Then I praised God he gave me teeth
To get your zipper down
And as my mouth begins to water
I know that its true
These lips of mine were made for suckin' you

Polishing your belt buckle
Is what my foreheads for
My ears are here for you to grip
My knees to scrub your floor
And as my eyes begin to water
I know that its true
These lips of mine were made for suckin' you

Oh and on another note J the new young furry sexy man that rents a room from us refers to me as the sexy beast. He's also learning the don't ask don't tell rule. This weekend he asked about the power douche in the shower and...well.. I was drunk and I guess went into detail about it. Not to mention that Scooby showed him the attachments. He was horrified when I told him that the douche was the medium one that Fort Troff sells. I told him the next day he was lucky that I didn't give him a demonstration.

This weekend we were looking for something that our friend gave us last weekend when we went to his place. Scooby and I were listing the stuff that was in the goodie bag he gave us and when "the toy" was mentioned J put his hands over his ears and started lalalala'ing.
We are going to corrupt this young man yet.


AJ said...

Corruption = FUN! Squeal! :-)~

Homer said...

Alert! Hurricane Mike is going to slam into New Orleans with gale force sucking! Really, you need to buy some knee pads- they prevent unsightly callouses!