Friday, June 03, 2005

Where the wild things are

Got to work today and decided to go out and pick up trash around my building and look for the kitty that's been hanging around outside. I first saw her a few weeks ago, very friendly for a stray, came right up to me and demanded to have her head scratched. I of course complied and gave her a full kitty massage, which she loved. Then she disappeared and didn't see her again till last night. She was a little bit bigger and when I was petting her I notice that she must be pregnate now since her nipples were getting huge. I couldn't find anything to feed her, but I did give her some water. I did end up breaking up a cookie for her but she wasn't interested in that. All she wanted was her head scratched again, and again I complied. Today I brought a can of cat food with me, just hope she comes back again.

Anyway while I was walking around the building picking up trash. I noticed that the people that live behind our building were out in the front yard feeding one of the wild turkeys that are in the area. I look a little closer and notice that there is another one sitting ontop of their minivan. Since the one chased me last month I decided not to get to close and just go about my business picking up trash.

Just a little while ago I went out to the dumpster to throw the days trash away and got almost all the way out there when I noticed one of the turkeys sitting on the split rail fence near the dumpster. I immediately remembered the one that chased me last month and got a little scared. But then I figured if the neighbors were feeding them then these turkeys are probably not as aggressive as the one I encountered last month. So I continued on and just as I went to lift the lid up on the dumpster to throw the trash away I noticed the other turkey sitting on the fence right behind the dumpster. I quickly threw the trash away and headed back to the building. All the while being constantly watched by the large birds.

I think I said last time that I need to start carrying my camera with me. I have been taking it with me more lately, just not to work. I need to do that. There's been so many times that I told myself, "I need to take a picture of that". But then I procrastinate and the cool thing that I want to take a picture of (normally an old building or a wind mill or something) gets torn down and I miss my chance. This last week though I've taken a couple of pictures of old business signs that I think are really cool. I'll try and post them this weekend.

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