Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A good kinda kidnapped

OMG, I've been so busy. Trying to get ready for our crazy independence day party, which is on Sunday this year. If anybody reading this is going to be in the area and want to come let me know and I'll give you directions. Just trying to get all the decorations up/ stuff that could get stolen, packed away/ shopping for food/ cleaning up the accumulated piles of Scooby's crap that is overflowing everywhere, ect. It's fucking madness, I tell you, MADNESS! We were going to start doing all this shit last weekend, but we kinda got kidnapped by our new friend "K".

Actually "K" isn't really a "new" friend, he worked at the local bar along time ago, then moved away and now is back. He's got a fucking great upbeat personality, which is really what we needed considering most of our friends are manic depressive. Anyway "K" stopped by last weekend and talked us into going over to the Arlington Hotel which is an old straight bar down the street that we've been wanting to check out. It was early afternoon and only the little pub part of the bar was open. We wanted a pitcher of beer, but they only had Milwaukee's Best, we said what the hell. Their draft beer wasn't all that cold so we choked that down and then headed down the street to Steamers another straight bar/restaurant. Had a nice ice cold pitcher of beer with frosted glass's there plus some eye candy. YUM!

Drinky Drinky Happy Happy

After that we headed to ST. Stan's annual Polish Festival. Ogled over all the studly mancandy, ate one of those doughy elephant ear thingys and headed to the beer tent. Drank a couple of pitchers there and watched more hot men polka. Then we finally called it a night and "K" crashed on our couch.

The next morning I made the guys breakfast and then we went out flea marketing. Went to Normans which is kind of a discount store and bought Scooby and I some new swimming trucks and a new pair of sandals. Sometime that afternoon we ended up at Mulligans Pub for another pitcher.

Drinky Drinky Happy Happy

Then the next night we went out to the bar to hand out more invites but didn't plan on staying long. "K" was there so we played some pool and drank some more pitchers. Ended up closing the bar... We ran into some friends that live around the corner from the bar and they invited us over for a few cocktails. We went, had a few more drinks and ended up playing cards till 5:30am. Had a great time...but Ugh.. five fuckin thirty am!

I feel like I drank the world.... and now I have to dry out to get ready for the party this weekend.

On the downside...

I had such a great weekend but I feel bad about it cuz Jonny isn't doing well. The first time I cleaned over at Jonny and Luthor's after Jonny's return/faisco in New Orleans he was in the hospital. Luthor left me a note saying that he'd be home the next day. The next week when I entered the house to clean I noticed the wheel chair and hospital bed sitting in the living room...empty but waiting. I also noticed the Visiting Nurses schedule on the kitchen counter. Jonny was sleeping upstairs as normal but "R" was there sitting with him. The trip must of really taken its toll on him. I'm still shocked and scared at how fast he's declining. After I got done cleaning I told "R" to tell Luthor that if there was anything I could do, to let me know. Then I left and cried on the way home.

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