Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Sunday Morning Drama Theatre part 2

Things are only getting worse.

I got a hold of Luthor Monday night. He hasn't heard from Jonny and is really worried, I could tell from his voice. Scooby gave him the # to the hospital. Apparently Jonny never made it to the Hotel. Never got his luggage. Lost his wallet which had all his money and phone #'s in it. Got picked up by the cops on a misdemeanor for something and was taken to the hospital to be checked out. Thats when the they called me. The cops dropped the charges, and the hospital put him in a cab and sent him to a shelter. He never showed up to the shelter and hasn't been seen since.

The police told Luthor he couldn't file a missing person report because 1.) he (Luthor that is) is not in New Orleans and 2.) not a relative. So he's getting in touch with Jonny's sister and gonna go from there. God I'm worried sick. I don't fuckin understand why the hospital sent him to a shelter. I fuckin told them what hotel he was staying at.

It's all so fucked up...

UPDATE: After I got off the phone with Luthor, Jonny called him. He finally found/made it to the hotel. Luthor got everthing arranged and he's flying home today.
What a fuckin relief!


drunk again said...

mouse, sorry man. I know how scarey that is.

Michael said...

Jonny's disorientation I believe is because dementia is setting in and once I heard he didn't make it to the shelter I thought he was gone for good. I'm so relieved he found the hotel.

Homer said...

What a nightmare! I'm glad he was found.

Will said...

You're a good and caring friend, Mike. Glad it all worked out.