Friday, June 17, 2005


No this isn't a review of that old Joan Crawford film. I'm actually talking about the weather. God it seems like its been raining, cloudy and overcast for fifteen million years. It's rained so much lately that the air itself smells moldy and mildewy. I think we might of had some sun a week or so ago, I don't remember. I'm not complaining though, at least we don't have to run the air conditioner. Actually put a blanket back on the bed the other night cuz of the chilliness.

Been trying to put the house together for out annual independence day party. This year it's going to be Sunday the 3rd of July since that's going to be the big finally night. Bay City always has a big 4th of July celebration with 3 nights of fireworks. We live so close that you can view them from the front porch. Scooby and I are planning to go down to the Berg tonight to hand out invites. Hoping to have a good turn out. I bought a bunch of new decorations from Oriental Trading this year. Actually this is the first time I've bought decorations. Through out the years people have brought us decorations but they're starting to get worn so I figured that I might as well splurge and buy some new stuff.

This Sunday is Fathers day. I went to Rite Aid to buy my father a card, man how pathetic that was. They had Fathers day cards from your dog and/or cat, from wife, daughter and ones for grandfathers, but very little variety for a son to give to his father. They had alot of cards for the beer drinking father but nothing the for the crabby, grouchy old man father. I finally found one, but I don't remember what it says now. I threw it in the glove box of my car so I wouldn't loose it.

Scooby and I are going over Sunday to take my dad out for lunch. I'm hoping that the weather gets better by then cuz I wanna stop by the cemetery before we get to dads so Scooby can take a pic of me laying/posing infront of my tombstone. How warped is that!


Will said...

Hey, Sarah Bernhardt spent the last decade or so of her life sleeping in her coffin at night--lying down in front of your tombstone for a picture is pretty jolly after that!

Homer said...

no way- I hope the tombstone is hot!