Monday, June 20, 2005

Serena on Bewitched was the bomb!

I just read 10 tired TV cliches by Larry Carroll and well I think he's wrong on a few of them. I loved Samantha's kooky cousin Serena on Bewitched, Phoebe's bitchy sister Ursula on "Friends"/"Mad about You" ect., and cousin Ophelia on "The Addams family", and so on.

I also liked the characters that you here about but never see: Norm's wife Vera on "Cheers" and Niles wife Maris on "Frasier". I thought it was cute.

And I also like characters that are sassy to their bosses. It makes us working force think ha ha wish I could say that to the boss.

Other wise I agree with the rest of the shit he was ranting about.

I'll tell ya whats tired...Most of reality television shows. The only reason that Hollywood started doing reality television is because the writers went on strike and instead of negotiating with them they came up with these stupid reality shows which needs no writers. But I guess this way they can give alot more people their "fifteen minutes of fame"....Next..... I still feel for the writers, we all gotta make a living.

Granted I work evenings so I don't see much if any evening television. But shows like "The Bachelore/Bachelorette, Who wants to marry a Millionaire" and shit like that doesn't interest me AT ALL. In fact I think I would rather dry heave for an hour than watch shit like that.

Thats all I'm sayin...


Anonymous said...

I hate to nit-pick but Samantha's cousin on Bewitched was named "Serena" not "Sabrina". (Sabrina was the teen-aged witch played by Melissa Joan Hart. Sweet girl.)

I always laughed at the credits for the Serena episodes as they said she was played by Pandora Spocks - pandora's box get it? HA!

And, yes, I loved her too - I remember being maybe 10 or 11 and wishing my real cousin's were half as free-spirited.

Michael said...

Oops your right. Thanks for the correction! And yes I also wished to have a wacky cousin like Serena.