Monday, June 06, 2005

Sunday Morning Drama Theatre

Sunday morning around 10am the phone rings.

Me: Hello

Other person: Hello is this Mike ____?

Me: Yes

OP: This is nurse _____ at ______ Hospital in New Orleans, we have a Jonny _____ here do you know him?

Me: Yes, I clean house for them.

(Nurse talks excitedly to possible other nurse)He knows him! He's his house keeper.

Nurse: Would you be able to tell us why he is so disoriented? Your the only person he can remember a name and # for. He doesn't even know where he's staying down here.

Me: Well he's HIV, I can't say for sure but he's possibly in the AIDS stage. He always stays at the Monteleone Hotel on Royal St..

Nurse: HIV, AIDS, Monteleone Hotel..ok We're just trying to get him back home. Do you know if he is here with anyone? Is there anything else you can tell me about his health?

Me: I think he went down by himself. and yes he's been having occasional seizures for about 6 months and he sleeps alot.

Nurse: (surprised) By himself? Seizures for last 6 mo., sleeps alot, ok. Do you know a Luthor _____?

Me: Yes thats his boy friend.

Nurse: Where is he at? Do you have his cell phone #?

Me: He's in Chicago this weekend, they took separate vacations, and no I don't have a cell phone # for him. I don't even know were he's staying in Chicago.

Nurse:(surprised) separate vacations?

Me: Yes. We have the same HIV/AIDS case worker you might be able to contact him, his name and # is ______. He might have Luthor's cell #.

Nurse: (Happy, excited)A case worker! Oh your just full of information. Thank you so much. Does he have any family?

Me: Yes, I think his parents live in (southern state).

(in background) Nurse asking Jonny, "Do your parents live in _____. Jonny responding.
Nurse: Ok we have a town and state for his parents. Thank you so much. If we hit dead ends with these leads, I'll be calling you back.

Me: ok

I immediately started calling around trying to find anyone with Luthors #. No such luck. The whole ordeal made me want to cry. I only see Jonny once a week when I go over to clean and lately he sleeps the whole time I'm there. When he is awake he's normally in a really agitated mood. Last year when they went to New Orleans Jonny ended up not leaving his hotel room because his legs wouldn't work. I can't believe he went down there by himself. Jonny and I found out about our HIV status around the same time. Unfortunately the hiv meds have never worked for him and he's been slowly deteriorating every since.

I'm mad and sad about the whole thing. Today I called Luthor and Jonny's house and got the machine and left a message to see if they made it home ok. I also got a hold of our case worker and he hadn't been contacted by anyone. I don't know what's going on and it's driving me crazy. I hope Jonny is ok.

I've been noticing with myself that I've had problems with my own memory lately. And I've gotten lost once driving a route that I've taken a million times. Not to mention that I recently took a newspaper quiz about altziemers and I answered yes to every question. So this is really hitting me. I made Scooby promise that he'd never let me travel by myself if I get as bad as Jonny.

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tosdfrjds said...

I know how you are feeling! It's hard to see others with HIV and not think about yourself in the future..I saw a friend of mine with KS the first time I've seen it, it really struck home with me..I cannot stop thinking about it and if I will get it, I hope and you should to that it will not come to that for us and we will beat this thing! Don't feel badly for getting scared its normal, and the memory thing mine is getting bad to it's a part of getting older silly! LOL serious I cannot remember a dam thing when I need to and always when I don't! go figure!