Friday, June 10, 2005

This weeks review

Last Saturday we finally moved back out onto the back sunporch after spending the winter living in the dining room. After a week of weather in the 80's we decided it was time. It's so nice to have more living space and not be on top of each other, (other than when doing the nasty that is). After the Sunday morning drama, that afternoon we went to the first of 3 summer antique festivals that Midland has at their fairgrounds. Didn't find anything of interest other than the carnival food. Had an elephant ear and a strawberry slushy type drink. YUM! Gotta love the carnival food..

We were only there for 2 hours when they started closing down due to an upcoming severe storm blowing our way. We grabs some alcohol and went back to a friends place. Just finished my first 40 oz. beer when the winds really picked up and it started downpouring. Thurston got concerned about his portable canvas garage type thingy he has in the back yard covering "The Larry Lee". That's his 1967 Slick Craft 5 seater boat. Anyway we ran over there to see if it blew away. It didn't so we tied it to his boat so we didn't have to worry about it. Then went inside and continued drinking. Finished my second 40 oz. beer and should have quit. But NOoooo I then had a few shots of whisky and after that I blacked out.

Found out the next day that I had a few more shots of whisky and peach schnapps. Scooby drove me home Thurston came over also, since his house was still without power because of the storm. We rarely loose power cuz we are wired up with the draw bridge. When they got me back home I passed out on the floor of the back porch. Scooby and Thurston got me situated on the couch and went off to their own devises. Watching porn and screwing I would guess since I found an ashtray and lube outta place in the bedroom.

The weather was been beautiful other than the sporadic rain storms that make for a humid time afterward. Otherwise it's been in the 80's most of the week and I've been loving it. Spent a few hours with my family picnicking before I had to work today. The picnic ended early because of a thunderstorm. Last night going home we had the best lightning storm. Big ass bolts that looks like they hit ground at every snap. God I love lightening storms and heavy rain storms, thats as long as I don't have to go out in it. The lightening storms that is, the heavy rain storms I like to go out in, in fact would really like to have sex outside in a rain storm sometime.

Anyway thats about all that happened this week. Hope to maybe go out on The Larry Lee this weekend out on Saginaw Bay and maybe go swimming.


angreeblkcub said...

tsk tsk....ya gotta rember to pass out *after* the porn and screwing Mike. or at least pass out naked, ass in the air. :P

I'm with you though, big lightning thunderstorms are very sensual. love being out in em.

Mike said...

LOL thats true. Unfortunately my blood clots are back so my patootie hole is outta commission for the time being.