Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Local man beats girlfriend with bible

Some guy beat his girlfriends face in with a bible back in October in Saginaw, MI. The case is in court now and he's pleading no contest. Apparently the arguement started over letting their child go trick or treating. Now thats fucked up.

The complete story


Homer said...

I always knew the Bible was dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Heather Matarazzo as "Tia" in the movie Saved: "Hillary, the bible is not a weapon.:

Mike in Midland

Michael said...

LOL, I loved that movie! I totally forgot about the scene when Mandy Moore throws her bible and hits Jena Malone. Susan Sarandons daughter Eva Amuri was a scream also.

I remember one of John Waters early films having some woman slaping a person with her bible and saying, "And thats for Jesus!" I can't remember what film though.

Drub said...

See. This is what I always imagined Bible Beaters did when they weren't bashing fags.