Monday, June 13, 2005

Microwave etiquette

What is it with office people who insist on blowing their food up in the microwave at work. I always make sure that they have plenty of paper towels to cover their food and have even posted a small note on the microwave saying "To prevent splatters PLEASE cover your food with the provided paper towels". But do you think they do...NO. Yes I am the cleaning person but I don't feel its my job to clean the inside of the microwave. You would think that they would want to be courteous to the next person who is going to use it. But no, they blow their food up and then it continues to get baked on throughout the day.

I made the mistake in my last building of cleaning the microwave and it started getting worse and worse till they were blowing shit up everyfuckinday. Sorry I just don't have the time to scrub the dam thing out on a daily basis.

A couple of weeks ago I open the microwave up and it looked as if someone had either had a diarrhea blowout or projectile vomited into the dam thing. There was brown shit covering the entire inside, it was so fuckin gross.

Signs I'd like to post on the micro but really shouldn't:

1. Your responsible for the mess you make in the microwave.

2. Your mom doesn't work here so if you make a mess... Clean it up!

3. Don't make me use the toilet brush to clean this thing!

If I start cleaning the microwave... what's next...making me wipe their ass's after they take a shit...


TRis. said...

People are so nasty, aren't they?

Homer said...

I always wipe after microwaving!

Michael said...

Amen to that Tris, I just don't understand why I aways get stuck with the nasty ones.

Homer your such a sweetie, and so considerate to clean up you're micro mess's. We need more people like you!