Monday, June 20, 2005

weekend review

We went out to the bar after I got out of work Friday night. The parking lot was packed, but when we entered we found that 75% of the people there were lesbians. Being around so many lesbians made me retreat into my shell. Lesbians don't get me, and it seems whatever I say always gets misinterpreted and I end up pissing some one off. So I kept my mouth shut most of the night and chatted with friends on the back patio while Scooby handed out party invites. I must come across as being stuck up, when in fact I'm just freaking out on the inside. I know I'd be better if I'd just take Marinol and Xanax instead of alcohol and smoke, but I like to drink dammit. I'm finding that Marinol really relaxes and motivates me, where its smokable sister taken in large quantities makes me stupid to the point that sometimes its hard for me to put sentences together.

Made the mistake of selling some stuff in Saturdays paper in the freebie adds. The calls started at 6:30am Saturday morning...Ugh..... Did sell my old boxsprings and mattress though. It was gone before Scooby even got outta bed.

Spent Saturday working around the yard. Scrubbed the mold off the brick patio, finally planted some flowers in a few pots, and got my shed reorganized with some cement block and wood shelves. Also got my 1970 Cadillac's tires pumped up, fluids checked and got it started up and running. Really wanted to get it on the road before this, but I'm still waiting for the driveway to be paved before I pull it outta the back yard.

Saturday night was spent having a bon fire and partying with the neighbors in the back yard. They brought over fireworks and beer. We had a might say.

Then Sunday took my dad out for lunch. Took my cemetery pics but I'm not really happy with them, it was just too bright. I guess since the sun hadn't been out in so long it had some catching up to do. I also battled my hangover from the night before.

Then today I pulled weeds in the front yard cuz they were taking over. Then finally applied some new fresh mulch.

Anyway that was my boring little weekend in a nutshell...

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