Thursday, October 20, 2005

Channeling Martha Stewart

I baked two pumpkin pies today for the party. It was a first for me doing pumpkin pies and I have to admit they look like they turned out pretty dam good. I also made a gram cracker crust for an apple crisp that I'll be baking Saturday morning. First time for the GC crust also, what a breeze that was.

Tomorrow I'll start cutting up veggies for the veggie tray. Then Saturday morning I've got to bake the Swedish meatballs, apple crisp, and green bean casserole, whip up the nacho cheese sauce, and make two bloody brains. The bloody brains are cream cheese cut into strips then molded back together to look like a brain then pour salsa over top. Easy and fun. I feel like I'm forgetting something...

Ah yes, taco salad...I'm making that too.

I've decided to go as Rob Zombie for Halloween. With the scary wig, plat form shoes, and creepy contacts I should be quite intimidating. hehehe.... As I was throwing the pies together this morning I said to Scooby, "God this is going to be great." And he asked, "What?", and I replied, "The party". He then said that it was good that I was feeling this way cuz usually I'm having a meltdown a day or two before the parties we host. Which is so true, but this time everything is going smoothly and I feel fanfuckingtastic....

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Kody said...

Good to hear that you're in a good mood! Hope the party goes fanfuckingtastic!

Looking forward to seeing the Rob Zombie pics!