Wednesday, October 19, 2005

New friends

I went out in the back yard this morning for some reason and noticed that someone had put a tiny fur hat on one of my cement garden angel statuaries. Then I took a closer look and it was a baby squirrel sitting quietly watching me. I said hello and went over to where I had thrown some chestnuts out to feed the wildlife and picked up a couple and tossed them to the little squirrel and told him to have some breakfast. I then went back inside and looked out a little later and the little thing was gnawing frantically on the nut trying to get in open. He finally gave up and started eating some of those propeller type things that fall from the trees.

We watched him on and off through out the morning and Scooby ended up naming him Dinky, cuz he's so small and cute. I then took some more chestnuts and smashed them open with a hammer and set them outside for Dinky to eat.

Before I went to work I gutted 6 pumpkins to get ready to carve Friday for the party on Saturday. Wanted to get them gutted today and get the mess tossed out, cuz trash goes tomorrow morning. I did manage to set some seeds aside and threw them out in the yard for Dinky or any other animal that would like a snack.

They are hiring where I work and our friend "C" went and applied this week. God it would be awesome if he got the job. It's the same shift as me and since he lives close by we could carpool. Fingers crossed.... We just started hanging out with "C" since he moved back here this year. What an awesome upbeat person. He's gotten us out of the house and doing stuff more this year then we have ever in the past. He hangs out with us most weekends, and when he's not there we kinda miss him. Most of our friends are "fuddy duddy stick in the muds" that won't do anything. "C" is definately a breath of fresh air and has changed our lives for the better.

New Friends ROCK!

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Thom said...

Mike, Mike, Mike... You can't trust those squirrels. I'm sure Dinky knows perfectly well how to get nuts open; he just tried the "I'll play all helpless and cute and get the stupid humans to crack the nuts for me" and of course it worked. I'll send you a recipe for Brunswick Stew...