Thursday, October 13, 2005

Party planning

I'm totally buying to much shit for this Halloween party. This week alone I've been surfing eBay and bought Halloween party music which include most of the scary music themes plus the Monster Mash. My sister had the 45 of the Monster Mash and I played the shit out of the record when I was a kid. I also bought Rocky Horror Picture Show on DVD. We have all of our TV's in the house wired together, so it will be playing through out the house. Today I ran to 2 different Kmarts to find a total of 4 black spider web curtains. They are to cool and we will probably keep them up year around. That's just how warped we are. Oh and I almost forgot, I also ordered the Halloween music roll for our player piano from It includes the themes to "The Addams Family", "The Munsters", and "Alfred Hitchcock". Our piano is a 100 yr. old foot pump player made by the Cable Co. of Chicago. The fuckin thing is a workout and my legs feel like rocks when I get done playing a song.

On the down side, we found out that a local gay group is having a Halloween party on the same night as ours. SHIT! But its to late to change the dates, we've told to many people. Scooby talked to the host of the other party and he didn't sound all that into hosting, so we brought up the idea of co-hosting together. Don't know if it will happen or not. I joined the "gay group" this week on their online site. They have "Meet and "Greets" every so often and they happen to be having one Wednesday this week at a coffee house only a block from where I work. So I pop in about a 1/2 hour after it was suppose to start and there was nobody there. Guess it was a short meet and greet.

Who knows how our party will go. Kinda thinking about canceling the keg. The drink machine should be enough considering it holds 15 gallons of cocktails.

My back is alot better. I called the massage guy and he told me he's retired. SHIT! So I just used a heating pad which worked wonders. My tattoo is about healed and am planning on posting some pics of it and all my other tatts this weekend. Hopefully. I'm on vacation tomorrow, YEA! Hope to finish up the Halloween decorating. I can't believe how much I blogged this week, must be the zoloft is kicking it real good.

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Will said...

It's actually very nice to hear from you more often. Thank you, Zoloft! :-)